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For annual registration in the business center of Iran and Qatar (QITBC) with the following benefits, you can make your company a member of this center at the levels of Gold_Diamond_ and Falcon.

The Qatar Iran Business TradeCenter in Doha has been established by Qatari investors and traders following the visit of Islamic Republic of Iran’s president to Qatar and agreements reached between Iran Trade Development Organization and Qatari investors, Thiscenter is permanently accepting export products for sale in Qatar or importing products and raw materials and equipment needed in other countries of the world. Communicating with a group of top-tier investors and traders in the wealthy country of Qatar can solve many of the problems of importers and exporters to and from Qatar or other countries in the world. Therefore, the business center of Iran and Qatar is fully prepared to have suitable conditions for the presence of Iranian exporters’ products with the following facilities:

The space created in Qatar is about 6000 square meters, which is based on the needs of each of the exporters and the priorities considered by the Iranian Business Center. Only products will be allowed to export and sold B2B in Qatar that are in accordance with the needs and standards of Qatar. Responsibility for providing facilities for the members of the center, financial support, easing the regularities, coordinating Qatari businessmen to visit the exhibition and tours of businessmen from other countries and investment in Iranian industries or joint venture projects and production of products with world-renowned licenses is the responsibility of Iran-Qatar Business Trade Center, which will serve the applicants for the relevant coordination.

The Qatar Iran Business TradeCenter will guarantee the return of funds gained from exports and solve financial and banking issues according to the concluded agreements. The presence of companies and producers in the exhibition can be both temporary and permanent, which will be done on the basis of mutual recognition and mutual agreement. At this time, the parties will sign a memorandum of understanding to enter The Qatar Iran Business TradeCenter and will have a month to study the Qatari market and the requirements of their company from the center, which will result in a formal contract with Qatari companies for a period of one year. After signing the contract, the obligations of the parties are determined and business activity between the companies begins. In order to use the services of this center, all applicants are required to register in this center .